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Furniture & Appliances

Our fulfillment and transportation model includes last-mile delivery of everything from small household goods to big and bulky furniture or appliances. ACL Logistics handles your home or business deliveries and removals. We’ll take care of your lifestyle goods or retail or commercial inventory.

Electronics & Technology

We understand the lifecycle of your products or inventory. Let us properly handle your new product delivery and returns, or ethically dispose of broken down or defective items. Businesses or homes that require tech upgrades need not worry, we will safely transport them for you.

Food & Beverage

Whether you are a boutique food or beverage business or a large grocery chain, capitalize on fast-changing consumer trends and product restocks with our logistic solutions. Are you looking to get your subscription meals or groceries delivered in a timely and routine manner? ACL Logistics can handle it.

Home & Office

Whether you’re relocating your residence or business, our expertly managed logistics ensure a smooth transition of your belongings and equipment. We prioritize the safety and integrity of your items, allowing you to settle into your new space with confidence and ease. Expecting an upgrade in office computers or tech? We can deliver and uncrate your products at no extra cost.

Service Parts

Minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Whether it’s critical machinery components or essential service parts for vehicles, our expert management of the supply chain guarantees that your service network remains responsive and efficient. Rely on us to optimize your service and spare parts transportation, enabling you to provide exceptional support to your customers whenever and wherever needed.